"THE COLOURS OF ANTARCTICA are white and black. Everything is either white (snow, ice, sky) or black (water, rocks). Sometimes there is a precious bit of blue from the icebergs or the very rare sunny patches. But essentially, Antarctica is all white and black." Libellule, Jan-15 

About Us

Bellegarde Capital Ltd is a privately owned investment group with business interests in financial services, property development, ICT/fintech, social impact investments, as well as a select group of other sectors.




  • Sourcing of club deals
  • Strategic and investment advice
  • Secondary market for alternative investment funds
  • Hedge fund advisory



Active/Strategic Investments

Key active investment areas: 

  • Acquisition of illiquid Hedge Fund side pockets
  • Angel and VC investments in financial services, ICT/social media, consumer services  
  • Hard assets (property development, natural resources) 
  • Social Impact investments

Geographic focus: Switzerland & Europe; Emerging Markets

Investment philosophy: Bellegarde Capital seeks long-term capital appreciation through active management of the portfolio and individual investments. 

Passive/Financial Investments

Bellegarde Capital pursues a long-term investment strategy based on the diversification across asset classes and geographies, investing through funds and direct positions in equities, bonds, hedge funds, real estate and private equity.



Social Impact

We believe in Social Impact Investing and actively seek sustainable social impact through social impact investments in microfinance, renewable energy, efficient agriculture, affordable housing and education.

We believe in Girl Empowerment as one of the most efficient means of driving long-term improvements in poverty reduction across the world. We actively support girl empowerment projects in East Africa, Nepal and Switzerland through www.cottierdonzefoundation.ch



Bellegarde Capital Ltd

Limmatquai 1
8001 Zurich

+41 44 515 0010